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I wasn’t always a writer. In fact, there was a time when I hated writing and everything about writing! Despite the fact that I loved reading, high school English turned me off to writing and pretty much anything that had to do with, well, English. College lit went on to put the nail in the lid of that coffin. What I really wanted to do was visit other planets. I studied physics and then got a masters degree in aerospace engineering so I could help develop the technology of getting to these other planets. Yeah, I knew it was a long shot (as in light years, and lots of them) but I figured you got to start somewhere.

I’m an explorer at heart. I didn’t realize this when I was a kid – you know, when you are faced with that massive decision about what you’re going to do for the rest of your life and you don’t even know what life is yet. Sound familiar? While I always loved learning about new discoveries, and enjoy much of the rocket scientist work that I’ve been doing, there was always a creative part of my brain that was clawing to get out. That urge to explore had become a passion. And one day… I had an idea for a story.

My life changed that day. It was like when God told Noah to build an ark. That was pretty much it for Noah and it was pretty much it for me. In my case, I started writing, realized I was good at it, and then discovered I had no idea how to write a story. The first part of my writing career I spent learning all that stuff I ignored in my high school English and college lit classes. You see? You never know what you’ll wind up doing so pay attention. It’s all important!

After I learned to write good stories I went on to write – or rather rewrite – my first story, The Silla Project. But not before I’d also written The Green Hajj, Multiplayer, Mustangs (a screenplay) and Viridis. So far, you can only buy Multiplayer and Silla, but more are on the way. I’m currently working on a sequel for Multiplayer, am basically done with the first two books of the Viridis series, and have enough ideas for the next thirty years or so.

Why am I telling you this? Well for one thing, if you are on this page you didn’t get here by accident. You want to know about the guy who writes these books. For another thing, knowing something about me gives you an idea of what is in my novels. Though I enjoy rocket science I’m an explorer at heart, and that need to discover is part of why I love writing. I’ve been doing the wrong thing for me. Ever feel that way? Trapped? If you have, then you’ll relate to my characters and the situations they are in, because that is the human condition. But I also love science and technology. Mix struggling people with changing technology and you have science fiction: the struggle of characters in plots that are built around some aspect of science or technology. It could be anything from a future society dealing with the effects of a shattered ecosystem, modern man facing the emergence of artificial reality, or people from 900 B.C. facing the sudden appearance of iron weapons. It is the basis for the basic equation of mankind:

People + Technology = Conflict.

So that’s who I am: rocket scientist by training, writer by DNA. I urge you to give my books a try. You can read the first chapter or so on Amazon for free! Most recently published books are written by those who studied liberal arts. While that makes perfect sense, it also lends an element of sameness to the majority of those stories. If you are looking for a different voice, try reading something from someone on the other side of the academic divide. It might be exactly what you, or someone you know, has been looking for! Because like technology, story matters, and those planets are still a long way off.

Happy reading!

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