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John Brewer has always been passionate about making and fixing things. He began as a child with model airplanes and progressed to the 1966 Mustang he restored as a teenager. Working with wood grew out of necessity when, as a college student, he had no money to buy his newlywed a gift so made her a chest for Christmas using rough-cut cedar pinned together with dowels and a hand drill. From this humble start grew a lifelong love of wood and the satisfaction of a well-fitted joint.

Over time this hobby has grown into a business that reflects the pride John puts into everything he constructs and he has been building custom cabinets and furniture in the Huntsville, Alabama area for the last twenty years. From something as simple as a custom hutch to go over your favorite desk, to an entire kitchen or bathroom, John has the tools and the knowledge to bring your needs and dreams to life. The same attention to detail he put into constructing missile guidance systems goes into every project, giving your creation strength, long life, and lasting beauty. Whether it is a fully wired ensemble for your game or video room, or something as simple as a chest to hold heirloom quilts, contact Slide Rule Custom Solutions to see what we can do for you!

Project Samples

My latest job. This brand new house featured nice large caverns on either side of the fireplace. Amazing what a little plywood, paint, and craftsmanship can do!




Overhead kitchen cabinet with integrated pendant lighting. Constructed with furniture grade plywood and hardwoods. Exterior finish, oil; interior stained and coated with polyurethane.

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment center constructed from premium plywood and solid oak. Features indirect lighting. Doors open then conceal. Drawers sized for all your video and gaming needs. Fully wired for speakers, cable, and internet.

Entertainment center holds and organizes all your stuff!

Accessories drawer holds all your remotes, controllers, cables, and anything else you need to slay aliens or enjoy the latest BlueRay.

Drawers sized to fit DVD, CD, BlueRay and even those old VHS tapes.








Bathroom cabinet with cultured marble top. Finished inside and out with semi-gloss latex. Drawers dovetailed, constructed from solid hardwoods, and finished inside and out with polyurethane.


Turn that great old desk into a personalized, high-end workstation. Complete with integrated lighting, adjustable shelves, and fully wired for power, internet, and speakers. Constructed from furniture grade plywoods and pine. Stained with polyurethane coating.

Garages and Workshops

Workshop cabinets integrated with existing overhead cabinets. Constructed from 3/4″ plywood and solid pine. Fully wired for electrical power, internet, and cable.

Cabinets feature indirect lighting. Television features dust cover. Wired for speakers. Plenty of pegboard for tools!

What can we do for you?

John C. Brewer – Master Cabinet Maker


johnbrewer01 [at] comcast [dot] net


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