Random Acts of Kindness: Be One

I get emails from time to time. Political rants. Jokes. Warnings. Religious stuff. Viagra ads. It all says, usually in bold, to send it on. The really bad stuff says that if I do, I’ll get a blessing, and if I don’t… I rarely forward them. This particular email had no exhortation to forward it, nor did it prophesy doom if I didn’t. But no one reads email anymore. And I can reach all of wired humanity this way.

In this election season, bringing out the worst in so many of us, we could all use a few random acts of kindness. The pictures speak for themselves.

Go be a random act of kindness. Tomorrow. Just do it.


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American, husband, father, writer, rocket scientist, soccer player, motorcycle rider, Christian, and proud of it.
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2 Responses to Random Acts of Kindness: Be One

  1. Terri-Lynne says:

    And tomorrow I will. Anyone else committing with me?

  2. I really love those pictures. But I would rather call them “deliberate acts of kindness” instead of “random acts of kindness.” Random makes it sound like you didn’t put any thought into it. But as Christians we (should) live a life of kindness and mercy, and we do it because of the love God has lavished on us, and because he loves all people, no matter their circumstances or beliefs. This is a great reminder to do more deliberate acts of kindness (thanks, John), and a reminder of why I do them: not randomly, but because of Jesus.

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