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A Different Take On Obamacare -or- Why Roberts Did the Right Thing

Having watched in horror as President Obama derided and indeed, threatened the Supreme Court, several times since taking office, I was amazed that Chief Justice Roberts, being the constitutional scholar that he is, upheld Obamacare. I know that Americans everywhere … Continue reading

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Redefining “Marriage” and Why I Am For It

I got called a Nazi the other day. It was on Facebook, a culture with some pretty deep problems of its own, but I digress. Yes, a “friend” had publicly posted the following banner: Like – if you support gay … Continue reading

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Review of Prometheus

Go see Avengers.

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Why “Old Fashioned” Always Comes Back

I enjoyed The Avengers. In fact, I went and saw it for the second time Friday. I don’t generally pay to see movies more than once at the theater. I did that for Thor┬álast year, just because it was so … Continue reading

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