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A Different Kind of Anniversary

Last week we remembered a date which horrified people over most of the populated world. There were a few places that cheered, but from Paris to Moscow, Beijing to Bombay, and Sydney to Christchurch, people were horrified. For a brief … Continue reading

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9/11, Plot, And The Book You Will Never See

Everybody is writing about 9/11 today so I guess I should do the same. But I’m not going to write about what I was doing or where I was at that fateful moment – when I first heard what happened, … Continue reading

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Writing, Relativity, and “The Twin Paradox”

It goes like this: Brothers. Identical twins. They could just as easily be sisters, but I’m a boy so I’ll make them boys. One of the brothers gets on a rocket ship and flies into space, accelerating to nearly the … Continue reading

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