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Know Your Literary Market

Okay, I’m thickheaded. Dense might be a better word. Not exactly stupid. Different than stupid. It’s more a matter of things not getting through. Like a… brick wall. In fact you kind of have to be this way to make … Continue reading

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Why I Like Science Fiction

“Lord Zolthor,” burbled the ambassador from the Kruuugg Dynasty. Luminescent, green-colored slime dripped from his sagging jowls, running over his bulging, cerulean eyes before spattering acid-like on the stone floor with a hiss. “The Minociphilan rebels have taken the capitol … Continue reading

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…One road to loneliness It’s always the same One road to happiness It’s calling your name… Yes. One of my all-time favorite musical groups. I had forgotten that until recently when my good friend Terri sent me a link to a YouTube … Continue reading

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