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Harry Potter and The Long, Dark Shadow

So Harry Potter 7.2 has come and gone. I must say I enjoyed the movie greatly as an action adventure experience. And with it an entire generation of kids has been born and raised with Harry, Hermione, Ron and the … Continue reading

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Fate, Soccer, and the gods

I’ve played soccer my whole life. Watched it when I could. Coached for over a decade. From that lifetime of experience I’ve learned that sometimes, the gods are just not on your side. Along with millions of my countrymen (and … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and The First Time EVER!

There are firsts and then there are firsts. There is the birth of your first child. A big deal to the parents but hey, birth isn’t really rare, and anyone who has kids had a first. Then there is the … Continue reading

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Soccer and American Values

Cheaters never win. It’s a mantra we Americans love to pull out of our bag of virtues. Except a lot of the time they do win. Bernard Madoff for one. Of course, rotting in prison is no picnic, but for … Continue reading

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YA Fiction and The Generation Gap

The Generation Gap – a difference in social perception between the youth and their parents. Why father and son don’t get along. The friction between mother and daughter. The genesis of the phrase oft heard by parents, and the repeatedly spoken statement … Continue reading

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Finding Talent: Stokehold

It’s all around us. Everybody has one. Sometimes they are latent and unused. At other times they are useful and honed by their owners into a razor sharp sword. That is the case, I learned last night, with three “kids” … Continue reading

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