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The Creative Brain: A Fragile Place

Everyone knows there are two sides to every brain. The right side and the left side. Supposedly the right side is where the creative ideas originate and the left side handles analytical thinking. I discount this view somewhat, or at … Continue reading

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Finding Thor

I went and saw Thor this afternoon. I cried. Really, more like teared up. Verklempt is perhaps nearer the mark. I teared up in Avatar too. Both are movies heavy on CG. Hero movies. Testosterone flicks. Not really tear-jerkers. And I’m a … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Journey, er, the Character’s Journey, no, Writer’s…

I’ve always said to myself, “Self, if you can’t look back on yourself in ten years and not see a different self, then something is wrong.” Well that’s never been more true than now. I’ve been to two writer’s conferences this … Continue reading

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It’s Too Long

That’s what the agent told me. And this isn’t just any agent. This is Andrea Brown herself. President of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Like the top YA agency in the country. She wants to see my manuscript but, “It’s … Continue reading

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“It’s Just Another Clue!”

Like my good friend Taylor, I love adventures. Having them and reading about them. Whether real or imagined adventures stir something deep in my heart. Be it Robert Scott setting out for the South Pole with but a few companions … Continue reading

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