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When In Doubt…

I’m currently in the final edit of Multiplayer, which we plan to release a few weeks before Christmas. I’d never really been thrilled with parts of the end so, at the urging of my writing partner Terri-Lynn, and my friend … Continue reading

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Writing, Relativity, and “The Twin Paradox”

It goes like this: Brothers. Identical twins. They could just as easily be sisters, but I’m a boy so I’ll make them boys. One of the brothers gets on a rocket ship and flies into space, accelerating to nearly the … Continue reading

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Know Your Literary Market

Okay, I’m thickheaded. Dense might be a better word. Not exactly stupid. Different than stupid. It’s more a matter of things not getting through. Like a… brick wall. In fact you kind of have to be this way to make … Continue reading

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The Motorcycle Writer

Every time I talk to someone about riding a motorcycle one of the first things they say is, “Toooo dangerous.”I thought this way myself for most of my life. I did ride off-road motorcycles, though. Blasting through the woods at … Continue reading

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Doing What You Love

I like to think I raised my kids right. Fed them a steady diet of Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, and other classic rock during their formative years. They have branched out, and I wouldn’t have it any other … Continue reading

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The Creative Brain: A Fragile Place

Everyone knows there are two sides to every brain. The right side and the left side. Supposedly the right side is where the creative ideas originate and the left side handles analytical thinking. I discount this view somewhat, or at … Continue reading

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Finding Thor

I went and saw Thor this afternoon. I cried. Really, more like teared up. Verklempt is perhaps nearer the mark. I teared up in Avatar too. Both are movies heavy on CG. Hero movies. Testosterone flicks. Not really tear-jerkers. And I’m a … Continue reading

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“It’s Just Another Clue!”

Like my good friend Taylor, I love adventures. Having them and reading about them. Whether real or imagined adventures stir something deep in my heart. Be it Robert Scott setting out for the South Pole with but a few companions … Continue reading

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What Books Do Kids Want?

With all the new electronic devices available today it is a wonder that kids read at all anymore. In fact, they do. And they don’t. There is little doubt that girls read more than boys. Always have and probably always … Continue reading

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SCBWI Winter Conference – Character Is Everything

Just got back from New York City. The rest of the world seems so… dull. The city is always beautiful, even piled in melting snow and drowning in dirty, brown slush. I used to wonder why so many movies were … Continue reading

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