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Me, the day I flew in a B-17!!!

Selfie from the nose of a B-17 bomber at 3,000 feet! What a day!

Welcome to my website! Glad you are here.

I love stories. I always have. Perhaps we have that in common? From the time I was a small child there was nothing that I liked more than going to the movies or stretching out on the couch with a good book. I remember in high school I’d always have a novel stashed under my textbook for any time the teacher wasn’t looking. Even today nothing grabs my interest like a great story. It can be set in space, set in another time, set in another universe, or be a true story from Main Street, USA. The only thing for me is that it be a great story with relatable characters and a solid plot. Harder than it sounds!

Somewhere along the way I started wanting to tell stories. Maybe it was when my own kids were young and I got the thrill of reliving my own imaginative childhood through their eyes. That’s when I started writing novels and screenplays. Just like a teacher learns more about the subject than any of the students, creating a story has proven to be far more exciting and fulfilling than watching or reading one. When you create a story, you really do get to be part of it!

Unlike some writers I don’t look for what the literary industry calls “a market”. I know this is bad marketing, but I write stories that I would want to read, or that I’d have liked to read as a kid, or read now – and I have a lot of interests. Stories of adventure and loss, challenges and failures, adversity and sometimes even victory. If you like the work of the late Michael Crichton or movies by James Cameron you’ll probably like my stuff. I like to mix traditional themes with non-traditional settings and emerging technology. In 1,000 B.C., iron was an emerging technology – just like virtual reality is today – and I have a story for both. One written, one still in my head.

Take a minute to look around. My website is growing all the time and I have new books in production that are like nothing you’ve ever read. Thanks for stopping by!


To write adventures, I think it's a good idea to have a few of your own. Where do your roads take you?

To write adventures, I think it’s a good idea to have a few of your own. Where do your roads take you?



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